¡Your own coffee shop in Chicago, California, Texas or Madrid!

Our company is the fastest growing in the sector in Mexico, we currently have 70 branches throughout Mexico, and we are about to open 300 branches in Chicago, Texas & California and our Gran Vía branch in Madrid, Spain.



¡One of these branches could be yours!

Invest today in one of the businesses with the highest recovery rate after the pandemic.

Get returns in Dollars!

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If your investment is less than $100,000 Mexican Pesos!

Invest in our expansion in California starting at $2,500 Mexican Pesos.


If your investment is greater than $100,000 Mexican Pesos 

Be part of any of the following projects:

Invierte en La Borra London House


Status: Work in progress

Located on one of the most emblematic avenues in Chicago and in one of the most important historic buildings in the city, our "London House" branch has a privileged location, being in a must-see tourist spot, surrounded by restaurants, corporate offices and several shopping areas.

Invest from

 $50,000 dlls.

Invierte en La Borra Monroe


Status: Work in progress

Located in a residential and corporate office area, the Monroe branch is located in an area of young families who like to go out walking, has an active nightlife and has become an interesting point of the city due to its museums and cultural and technological attractions.

Invierte desde:

$20,000 dlls.

Invierte en La Borra Lincoln Park


Status: Work in progress

Our Lincoln Park branch offers us a mainly corporate environment with a great variety of offices and a very important medical center, with a strategic location this branch will take advantage of both pedestrian and vehicular flow to promote Mexican coffee and take it to the top.

Invest from;

 $40,000 dlls.

Invierte en La Borra Division


Status: Work in progress

One of the areas with the highest flow and dynamism in Chicago, our Division branch will bring a good cup of coffee to the young professionals that cross this area every day. Located in a strategic point, besides reaching a corporate public, this branch covers the "Leisure" market that is looking for a good cup of coffee with their friends.


100% SOLD

Sold Project
Invierte en La Borra Old Town


Status: Work in progress

Nestled in Chicago's Down Town, surrounded by historic buildings and a large residential area as well as several corporate offices, our Old Town branch will bring the highest quality coffee to a corporate/residential sector.

Invest form

 $30,000 dlls.

Invierte en La Borra Berwyn


Status: Work in progress

Located in a residential area considered one of the best places to live in Chicago, our Berwyn branch seeks to bring Mexican coffee to the highest level in this area considered one of the best places to live in Chicago, with a professional and residential visitor profile.


100% SOLD

Sold Project


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Could I access an Investment Visa when I invest?


Yes, by investing in a branch you can apply for an investor visa, our advisors can assist you in the process and further explain the options and benefits.

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Do I obtain the returns in pesos or in dollars?


Your investment will be directly in the U.S. corporate, so your return will be in U.S. dollars.


Do you have the support of any organization in the USA?


Yes, we have the support and recognition of Select USA, a governmental organization that has given us a certificate in recognition of the attraction of capital and employment generation as a foreign corporation.

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